About Me

Hi, I’m Abby, a thirty-something mom living in sunny San Diego with my handsome husband, Bo, and adorable son, Austin.

Growing up in Minnesota, I always wanted to escape the cold climate and live somewhere warm. So, I decided to attend college in Southern California, where I met my incredible husband. The rest is history. We have lived all over California but keep finding our way back to San Diego.

I have a masters degree in Spanish education, but I left teaching to pursue my real passions–spending time with my family and making travel memories together! I believe two of the greatest lessons I can teach my son are that people and experiences are far more important than material things and that adventures are the best way to learn.

Family of three sitting on the beach, while mom and dad tickle the little boy who is laughing

Over the years, I have traveled to a number of countries, luxury “backpacked” across Europe, visited Disney parks over 30 times, and laid on some of the world’s prettiest beaches.

But nothing compares to watching my son explore this world’s natural wonders, discover beauty in every destination, and develop loving relationships around the globe. Making these memories TOGETHER is what I cherish most!

Little boy playing with beach toys
Little boy smiling in front of water fountain

Like you, I am frustrated at how we often let our chaotic schedules dictate when and how we spend time with our children. I want you to be able to invest your money and time in what matters in life, thereby creating more opportunities for you to travel as a family.

We have traveled by car and plane with our son since he was 3 months old. Over the years, we have stayed at resorts, hotels, home rentals, and more. Both great successes and epic failures have met us along the way, but we have learned from them all.

All of our family travel has taken place while my husband is working a highly demanding full-time sales job. We have learned how to make the most of the time and money we are given. And you can too!

Learn how to invest in what matters and simplify your travel experience. You’ll discover that it’s Worth Every Trip!

Fill your life with ADVENTURES, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.”