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25 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers: A Complete Guide to All 4 Parks

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As you plan your Disney World trip with your kids, the seemingly endless ride options at each of the Disney World theme parks can quickly become overwhelming. 


Visiting Disney World with toddlers is an absolute blast! And this list of rides at Disney World is going to guide you toward all the magic. 

No need to put extra padding in their shoes and hope they meet the height requirements. Because all of the attractions below (except 1) are open to guests of ANY height!

The Disney World rides are broken down by park and listed in order of most to least toddler friendly: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom

This is not an exhaustive list of all the Disney World attractions toddlers can ride on. Instead, this list of Disney World rides for kids is the best of the best for toddlers around 2 - 4 yrs old. 

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom for Toddlers

It’s common for people to refer to the Magic Kingdom as the best Disney Park for toddlers...and for good reason! Some of the most popular rides at Disney World are kid-friendly rides in this flagship park.  

So although you won’t find any Magic Kingdom roller coasters on this list, there is a wide selection of Magic Kingdom attractions that your little princesses and Mouseketeers are sure to love!

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Dumbo

1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Fantasyland)

Are you ready to see an elephant fly?! Hop on your favorite circus elephant and soar around (and around and around) on one of the top rides at Magic Kingdom. There is something magical about flying around on Dumbo as you look out over Fantasyland. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Peter Pan

2. Peter Pan’s Flight (Fantasyland)

You can fly! You can fly! You can fly! Soar over London and off to Neverland aboard your flying pirate ship. Kids and adults alike will embark on an adventure with Michael, John, Wendy, and Peter Pan as they try to defeat Captain Hook.

PRO Tip: This is one of the busiest rides in Fantasyland. SO hit this ride when the park first opens, or get Lightning Lane (formerly FastPass) entrance access.

Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers

3. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (Fantasyland)

Princes and princesses ride their royal horses around and around on this Cinderella-inspired ride. Nothing is more idyllic than riding on the carousel in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom right behind Cinderella’s castle. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - It's a Small World

4. “It’s a Small World” (Fantasyland)

Float along on a musical boat tour as you watch Audio-Animatronic dolls dance and sing the same song, each in their native languages from all around the world. By the end of your 10-minute boat ride, the whole family will be singing “It’s a small world after all.” 

PRO Tip: Ride this attraction during the holiday season. Disney does a full overhaul on the costumes and songs. It will feel like you are enjoying one of the Magic Kingdom new rides, but you’re actually on an original attraction. 

5. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Fantasyland)

Venture through the Hundred-Acre Wood as you sit in a large honey pot. Bounce with Tigger. Sing with Heffalumps and Woozles. And celebrate with Pooh. This is one of those Disney World kid rides that immerses you in the stories from your childhood. 

6. Mickey’s PhilharMagic (Fantasyland)

Take a seat in the concert hall and put on your 3D “opera glasses” for a 12-minute show. Donald Duck stars in a musical adventure that takes him through several Disney animated classics. Kids will laugh at Donald and smile with each new movie scene he enters. 

PRO Tip: This is a great place to escape a Florida afternoon thunderstorm. Just make sure to get here quickly because once the rain starts falling everyone else in Fantasyland will start to flock here too. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Magic Carpets

7. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (Adventureland)

See a whole new world as you fly high above a colorful bazaar on a magic carpet ride. The riders in the front can make the carpet go up and down, while the riders in the back tilt the carpet forward or backward. 

This ride became one of our absolute favorite Magic Kingdom rides for toddlers! It’s the Dumbo vibe that littles always love.

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Jungle Cruise

8. Jungle Cruise (Adventureland)

Journey down the rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America with a comical skipper as your guide. This 10-minute boat adventure is full of laughs (or groans) and animal sightings. Adults enjoy the dry humor, and littles enjoy the plant and animal entertainment. 

9. Tom Sawyer Island (Frontierland)

Board a log raft and float out to Tom Sawyer Island where trails, bridges, secret paths, forts, and hidden caves await. Adventure is around every corner with plenty of space for toddlers to explore and climb. Be careful, you might just spend hours out here! 

10. Walt Disney World Railroad (Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Main Street U.S.A.)

All aboard a relaxing train ride that tops the Magic Kingdom rides list. Sit back and enjoy a 20-minute ride around the Magic Kingdom. Use this train as a means of transportation from one land to another, or stay on for the entire 1.5-mile tour. 

Best Rides at Hollywood Studios for Toddlers

Hollywood Studios is home to one of the fastest Disney World roller coasters, but toddlers will love the park’s rides and shows that entertain at a slower pace.

Watch their faces light up as they ride, dance, and sing along with their favorite characters from Toy Story, Cars, Frozen, or Disney Junior on these kid-friendly attractions. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Midway Mania

11. Toy Story Mania! (Toy Story Land)

Put your 3D glasses on and get ready to aim your shooter at balloons, plates, aliens, and more! All your favorite Toy Story characters cheer you on as you compete in 5 different games. 

Out of all the Toy Story Rides at Disney World, this one is sure to be fun for all ages. See who in your carnival-style ride car scores the most points in the end. (Don’t let your kids beat you!)

DIsney World Rides for Toddlers - Alien Saucers

12. Alien Swirling Saucers (Toy Story Land)

Hang on tight as you spin around with your favorite extraterrestrial aliens from Toy Story. Little space cadets will love this circular galactic ride as their saucers spin through outer space. 

PRO Tip: This is the only ride on the list that has a height requirement (32 in), so it is best for taller toddlers. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Racing Academy

13. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy (Sunset Boulevard)

Learn how to be a racing champion like Lightning McQueen. Watch the wraparound screen as he shows off his skills on the state-of-the-art racing simulator.

As one of the best attractions at Disney World, little racers will love seeing their favorite characters up close in action! Cheer alongside Tow Mater, Cruz Ramirez, and the gang from Radiator Springs. Ka-chow!

14. Muppet*Vision 3D (Grand Avenue)

Get ready to laugh at the Muppets as the curtain rises and they appear in 3D. Enjoy a tour of their lab, and learn all about their new invention Muppet*Vision 3D. 

A few things are sure to go wrong, so hang on to your 3D glasses. Humor, songs, and special effects will entertain the whole family from start to finish.

15. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration (Echo Lake)

Listen to stories of the enchanted kingdom of Arendelle. Watch clips from the movie appear on the big screen. And sing-a-long with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff. 

Belting out “Let it go! Let it go!” simply screams--Disney with toddlers! It’s a Frozen treat your littles are sure to love.


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16. Disney Junior Dance Party! (Animation Courtyard)

Bust a move, catch bubbles, and enjoy a few laughs as Disney Junior Pals lead this musical celebration. Doc McStuffins, Timon, and Vampirina are sure to be there. But will Mickey Mouse make it to the party on time?! Go find out!

This show was specifically put at Disney World for toddlers. They’ll be grinning ear to ear as they jump, dance, and spin out all their wiggles with characters from their favorite Disney Junior shows.

Best Rides at EPCOT for Toddlers

Disney World EPCOT rides get a bad rep for being boring or only for adults. But there are actually several rides at EPCOT that little kids will love! 

From World Showcase to World Celebration and the lands in between, amusement awaits for the park’s littlest guests. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Frozen Ever After

17. Frozen Ever After (World Showcase - Norway)

Journey forwards (and backward) aboard your Nordic boat through the wintery world of Frozen. Keep an eye out for Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on your musical tour of Arendelle. 

Since visitors find this chilly adventure to be one of the best Disney rides, be prepared for long lines. But...meandering through Oaken’s Trading Post and the cobblestone streets of Arendelle will help keep your toddlers intrigued as they wait in the queue. 

PRO Tip: Grab some delicious food from Mexico or China (on either side of Norway) to enjoy while standing in the long line. Food always makes standing in lines more fun!

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Gran Fiesta Tour

18. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (World Showcase - Mexico)

Help Panchito and José Carioca find Donald Duck south of the border. Soak up the beauty of Mexico as you cruise down the Rio Grande. 

Gran Fiesta Tour is definitely one of the underrated Disney World rides for toddlers. It’s a soothing boat ride that is fun for all ages. 

19. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (World Showcase - France)

Now Open! Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is one of the brand new rides at Disney World, so we have not had the opportunity to ride it yet. 

Based on the successful track record of new Disney rides and its current popularity, I’m sure it will be a fan favorite!

You’ll zip around the kitchen, through the dining room, and all over Gusteau’s restaurant. But there’s a’re shrunk down to the same size as Chef Remy. Enjoy the culinary adventure as you dash and scurry about just like rats!

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - The Seas with Nemo and Friends

20. The Seas with Nemo & Friends (World Nature)

Climb into your “clamobile” and just keep swimming to find Nemo on one of the more gentle kids’ rides at Disney World. Watch out for jellyfish, angler fish, and Bruce the shark on your way. Maybe the East Australian Current can speed you along.  

Make sure to explore the SeaBase when you get off the ride. Kids will love looking at clownfish, sharks, turtles, and more in the 5.7-million-gallon aquarium.

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Journey into Imagination

21. Journey Into Imagination with Figment (World Celebration)

Although Journey Into Imagination has been around for almost 20 years, it’s still one of the best toddler rides at Disney World. The slow-moving car combined with all the colorful fun of Figment keeps little ones engaged and smiling from ear to ear. 

Let their imaginations soar as they follow Figment through his exploration of the 5 senses. You never know what surprises await around the corner on this musical adventure!

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Spaceship Earth

22. Spaceship Earth (World Celebration)

Spaceship Earth makes the list for a unique reason. It’s far from the fastest ride at Disney World, and it’s mostly in the dark, which’s great for...napping! 

You’ll enjoy traveling through time to see the progression of communication through the ages. Your little ones may enjoy the Audio-Animatronics or the starry night sky.

But it’s more likely they will squeeze in a much needed power nap in the middle of a loooong park day. You can thank me later!

Best Rides at Animal Kingdom for Toddlers

The trails all over Animal Kingdom have around 2,000 animals that your toddlers will love seeing. But there are also a few rides that are sure to be a total blast for little ones. Include these three rides for toddlers on your next trip to Animal Kingdom. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Triceratop Spin

23. TriceraTop Spin (Dinoland U.S.A.)

Strap in for swirling prehistoric fun on one of the best rides for toddlers at Disney World. TriceraTop Spin is essentially the Dumbo ride but with dinosaurs instead of elephants. 

While it may seem redundant to adults, toddlers go crazy for this ride! (Austin rode it 5 times in a row!)

PRO Tip: Sit in the back to control flying high or low. But sit in the front to tip your dinosaur forward and backward. 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Kilimanjaro Safaris

24. Kilimanjaro Safaris (Africa)

Hop in your safari vehicle and venture across the 110-acre African savannah. You’ll see up to 34 species of animals roaming free as you learn fun facts about them from your expert driver. 

Each 18-minute journey is unique, so you will want to keep your camera ready. Watch your kids’ eyes light up as they witness animals up close in the “wild.”  

PRO Tip: Kilimanjaro Safaris is one of the most popular Disney World Animal Kingdom rides, so avoid long lines and go early in the morning. Added bonus - the animals are usually most active earlier in the day too! 

Disney World Rides for Toddlers - Wildlife Express Train

25. Wildlife Express Train (Africa)

Board a rustic train and see what it looks like taking care of animals behind the scenes. You’ll enjoy a relaxing 7-minute ride as you see animal housing, veterinary facilities, and more. 

The end of your journey stops at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You can either explore their exhibits on the preservation and conservation of animals or reboard the train for another trip back to Africa. 

PRO Tip: You have to disembark at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, but you can always get right back in line to ride the train for another 7-minutes. Train lovers will think it’s great!

Our Favorite Disney World Rides for Toddlers

We’ve been to Disney World with a 3-year-old multiple times, and some rides and attractions were the consistent favorites. Based on Austin’s personal experience, these would be the top 10 rides at Disney World for toddlers.

Helpful Tips

As you explore all of the kid rides at Disney World, keep this list of Disney rides for toddlers handy. It will give you a good starting point in determining what are the best things to do at Disney World with your little ones. 

Beyond the list of actual rides, I wanted to give you a few helpful Disney World tips for taking toddlers on rides. 

  1. Know the height requirements for Disney World rides. If there is a particular ride that you or your child have their heart set on, look into the height requirement and see if they will be tall enough. Nothing is more devastating than waiting in line for 30+ minutes only to find out that your child is not tall enough. (Ask me how I know…)

  2. Take advantage of the new Lightning Lane (formerly known as Disney World FastPass) rides. Lighting Lane allows you to skip long lines, which means more sanity for your little ones. Of the toddler rides on this list, several of them have this option. Spend less time in line and more time on rides! 

  3. Plan bathroom breaks. Take your toddler to the bathroom before getting into a potentially long line. While it is possible, it’s not easy to leave the middle of a long line, find the nearest bathroom, and return to the same spot in line. Avoid that craziness and empty their bladder before joining the queue. 

  4. Eat snacks to pass time. Bring your own snacks or buy snacks in the parks. Either way, use your downtime in line for eating snacks. This will free up more time in the rest of your day to go on rides and see attractions. Plus it will keep your toddler entertained longer as they PATIENTLY wait in line. 

  5. Make it fun! Watch the ride go by. Point out all the cool decor. Find characters they know from movies. Look for hidden Mickeys. Talk about how much fun it will be! Get your little one excited for the ride to alleviate any fear and increase their enjoyment! You can make the happiest place on earth even more magical for them!

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