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The Dolphin Show at SeaWorld San Diego: Everything You Need to Know (2021)

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As San Diego locals, we have the luxury of living near SeaWorld San Diego, and we take full advantage of it! There is so much fun to be had there! 

SeaWorld is unlike any other zoos, aquariums, or theme parks around. They provide learning and interaction with sea creatures that you can’t get anywhere else. 

They offer presentations that showcase various animals’ unique designs and abilities, and the dolphin show at SeaWorld is one of the BEST. We have seen it countless times, and it never ceases to impress! 

Let’s dive into what the dolphin show at SeaWorld is, why we love it, and what new COVID changes to expect. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy the show with your whole family!

The Dolphin Show at SeaWorld

The dolphin show at SeaWorld is an amphitheater presentation offered at specific times each day. Watch up to 16 bottlenose dolphins show off their athleticism alongside their outstanding trainers who work with them in Dolphin Days

You will find yourself saying “ooo” and then “aaahhh” as dolphins flip and splash in front of you. Enjoy 15 minutes of upbeat music with an entertaining performance. Lean in as their trainers teach you about the amazing things dolphins can do.

PRO Tip: Don’t mistake the dolphin show at SeaWorld -- Dolphin Days, for the open water exhibit--Dolphin Point. Take a look at SeaWorld San Diego’s map to ensure you make your way to correct location.

Why we love it

Boy clapping at dolphin show at seaworld
mother and son excited at the dolphin show at seaworld san diego

Who doesn’t love dolphins?! Am I right? I feel like they are a universally adored animal. 

But...if their simple existence isn’t enough to make you want to see the dolphin show at SeaWorld, then let me clue you in as to why we love it. 

Dolphin Days features fun music that you can dance to (everything is better with music). There is all sorts of visual entertainment to soak in from any seat in the amphitheater. Plus, you’ll get to learn and laugh throughout the show! 

Fun Music

The upbeat music creates a lively atmosphere. It sets the stage for you to be amazed by SeaWorld’s bottlenose dolphins from the moment the first beat drops. 

The dolphin show at SeaWorld San Diego has the perfect amount of audio and visual entertainment--even for little ones. 

PRO Tip: Strategically plan to watch the dolphin show during your little one’s snack or lunch break. They can sit on your lap enjoying dinner and a show!

When Austin was one year old, the music and movement would captivate him. A couple years later, and he is even MORE engaged with everything going on in the show. 

From babies to adults, everyone will enjoy Dolphin Days!

Visual Entertainment

As the music plays during the dolphin show at SeaWorld, the dolphins are swimming around, jumping out of the water, doing flips, splashing the audience, and playing with their trainers. 

It’s incredible to watch the dolphins as they show off their agility! Some tricks you can almost see coming as you watch them swimming into their approach under water, but others may catch you by surprise. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the entire show because you don’t want to miss a thing!

No matter where you choose to sit in the amphitheater, you will have a great view. The stadium bench seats have been designed for people to enjoy the show from every seat. 

The open water performance space is also rather large. And the trainers send the dolphins to do impressive tricks at various locations all around the pool. As a result, there will always be plenty to see from any angle. 

Learning + Laughter

trainers at dolphin show at seaworld san diego
stands watching the dolphin show at SeaWorld San Diego

The trainers do a wonderful job of incorporating education into the presentation of the dolphin show at SeaWorld. You can even learn fun facts about bottlenose dolphins during the pre show. Guess how fast they can swim or find out what makes them mammals. 

Some of the trainers tell you what it’s like behind the scenes as they train the dolphins. They make it sound seriously incredible, so get ready to feel compelled to change your career path. 

While learning is fun, there is nothing better than laughter! 

Dolphins may be cute and adorable, but WATCH OUT-they’re sneaky! They’ll seem sweet one moment and then be mischievously splashing water all over people the next. Enjoy a few laughs at the person getting completely long as that person isn’t you! 

PRO Tip: If you are adamantly opposed to getting wet, make sure to stay out of the SOAK ZONE--the first eleven rows or so of the amphitheater. If you sit there, there is no guarantee you’ll walk away dry. (Don’t worry--the seats are clearly marked so you won’t sit there by accident.)

Health + Safety Updates

Mother and son wearing masks at the dolphin show at seaworld

As with other entertainment venues, changes have been made to comply with health and safety regulations due to COVID. 

We have seen the show since SeaWorld San Diego reopened and these new guidelines were put in place. Guess what? We still loved every minute of it! 

However, it is up to you to determine what is best for the health and safety of your family. 

If you arrive at the amphitheater early before it opens, you will need to stand in line and wait to enter. Stickers are located on the ground indicating where you and your party should stand to maintain a socially distanced queue.

Upon entry, you will find the seat backs of the entire stadium color-coded red and green. Red areas signify blocked off seats to maintain social distancing, while each green section indicates areas where a party may sit together. 

No more than one party per green section is allowed, and you can’t overflow into the red zones. So if your party is on the larger side, you may need to find multiple green sections to sit in. The SeaWorld San Diego staff are able to guide you as you find your seats. 

The last time we were there, SeaWorld did not have any pre show entertainment for Dolphin Days. I assume this was eliminated due to new guidelines, but hopefully it will return in the future. 

Once the dolphin show at SeaWorld is finished, the staff members will dismiss the audience by sections. This does take a little extra time, so make sure to remain patient and understanding of their efforts to keep everyone safe. 

This organized dismissal helps avoid overcrowding while everyone is exiting the amphitheater. So you won’t have to feel like herded cattle while exiting anymore! How about regulations have their perks!

Watch the dolphin show at SeaWorld

greetings from seaworld sign

Whether you are a SeaWorld San Diego regular or you have never been before, the dolphin show at SeaWorld is sure to be a blast! Despite visiting SeaWorld frequently, we STILL go and watch this show repeatedly...and we love it! 

On your next trip to SeaWorld San Diego, make sure that Dolphin Days is on your schedule. I think you’ll discover it’s Worth Every Trip!

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