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A new year means new adventures on the horizon! Especially since a few of our 2020 trips were canceled, I am more ready than ever to make up for lost time and visit every place on our travel wish list! 

Some of our trips are already booked and on the calendar. Others are still in the dreaming or planning phase. But we are hopeful that they will actually happen this year. Take a look at where we are headed in 2021!

International Travel Wish List

I am the most excited about leaving the USA and getting some international trips on the books! It has been way too long, and Austin has yet to travel abroad with us. So this travel wish list around the globe gets me extra pumped! We still have some logistics to work out, but we hope to make all of these trips happen in 2021. 

Italy / Greece

Ahhh! I get excited just writing the names of those two beautiful countries! 

I put them together because we are planning to take a Mediterranean Cruise this summer that visits them both. 

Before Austin was born, Bo and I spent some time in Italy. It’s one of our favorite countries that we’ve been to. We are looking forward to returning to the floating city of Venice and bringing Austin with us for his first time. 

It has always been a dream to see the beautiful islands and coastlines of Greece. the TOP of my bucket list for years! Since there are so many places we want to see...what better way than on a cruise, right?! I’ve never been on a cruise, so I’m excited to try out this new style of travel. 

Santorini Greece


This trip is definitely still in the dreaming phase, but HOPEFULLY it will come to fruition. This summer will be our 10 year anniversary! Woohoo! 

We would love to go on an extended anniversary trip full of relaxation and romance. The Maldives has always seemed so dreamy, so we thought it might be the perfect occasion to visit. Sunset views from an overwater bungalow? Yes, please!

Maldives overwater bungalows


Last year we had a trip planned that we had to cancel. So we figure we can make it up this year! 

We plan on keeping our eyes peeled for a long weekend with good deals on flights and accommodations. As of now, we have our sights set on a family all-inclusive in Cancun or Playa del Carmen. 

Can’t wait to see where we end up! 

Cancun Mexico coastline

USA Travel Wish List

Alright, besides galavanting around the world. There are a number of fabulous destinations within the USA that we plan on visiting this year. Most of these trips are already booked, so you can pretty much count on us visiting each of these places...and maybe more!

Walt Disney World

Our first trip of the year will be with my parents as we return to Walt Disney World. We will be staying at a resort we have never stayed at before, so we are looking forward to a slightly new experience. 

Bo, Austin, and I went to Disney World in the fall of 2020, so this will be our second time visiting with the new health guidelines. Our plan is to check out the parks we didn’t go to last fall - Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. 

Plus, we want to take advantage of the new Park Hopper system that is available in 2021. I’ll make sure we get the full scoop and let you know how it all works. 

Epcot Spaceship Earth at night in Walt Disney World

Phoenix, AZ

Of course, our annual MLB Spring Training trip is always on the books. Nothing is booked yet since we are waiting to see what Spring Training will look like in 2021. But we are hopeful! 

All THREE of us are itching to watch some Dodgers baseball games, especially as defending World Champions. And it will be wonderful to discover new outdoor spaces to explore and hike in the greater Phoenix area. Stay tuned! 

Doders Spring Training in Phoenix

Bass Lake, CA

Another annual trip that is always on the travel wish list is our extended family trip to Bass Lake. There is always more fun to be had on skis, wakeboards, ZUP boards, and tubes. Plus, it gives us a chance to deepen our tans mid-summer!

Bass Lake California

Colorado Springs, CO

It’s been a few years since we have ventured to the beautiful state of Colorado. We have some family that are moving to a new area, so we plan on flying out to visit them and discover what Colorado Springs has to offer. It’s known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, so I’m sure we will spend a fair share of our time exploring!

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

San Diego, CA

As usual, we will continue to explore our own lovely city of San Diego. There will be many visits to the SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and more. Plus we will continue to chill on sunny beaches, hike boulders and mountains, and discover the great outdoors all around the San Diego area

San Diego downtown skyline over bay

All in all, we have an exciting travel wish list to look forward to! The best part of travel is making memories as a family, and we are confident we will do just that. Our trips will bring discovery and foster learning in so many ways. And we love to share it all with Austin and other friends and family we meet along the way. Whichever destinations we are off to this year, each one is sure to be Worth Every Trip!

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